Daito Beamline – CSD2 Drill with Offset-saw Mitre Bandsaw and

Material Handling Logistics


Price – Save $10K

Daito (Japan) 1m wide beamline and offset bandsaw with material handling for the highest production total price AU$190K – Click here

Instant Asset Write-off (From Tier 1 Accounting Firm Website) –  Click here

The first 1050 ton processed through this machine will provide the 100% ROI compared to the equivalent cost of purchasing processed steel locally.

Instant asset write off will apply as the invoices will be under $150K but total $190K so your workshop can budget a $52K saving from your tax bill.  The tax savings would offset the cost of finance for the machine for the first 260 working days (Monday to Friday) or the first year of work. Your workshop can ramp up production without cashflow pressure. (Please refer to your accountant for additional details).

When including the tax-saving, this layout would cost less than $150/day for finance which is the equivalent of a steel service centre charging 30 minutes for processing from the same model machine. Should your workshop look to process 1000 ton per year with this machine you could forecast saving $300/ton which is $300K so the ROI is 6 months. Should your workshop consider contracting out the excess capacity you can forecast $300K/1000 ton processing back to steel service centres or to fabricators to generate a 2nd income stream for your business.

Companies evaluating this opportunity will be considering the value of impacting their workshop/business with:

  1. Improving revenue, profit, cash whilst reducing skilled labour and schedules
  2. Make more money and win more work?
  3. Take advantage of pop marking add-on-parts layout marking on every profile so fabrication capacity and schedules improve by 30%
  4. Remove schedule pressure on the workshop and have the capacity to take on a 2nd or 3rd project at the one time?
  5. Make higher margins when bringing the processing cost inside the workshop?
  6. Generate a 2nd income stream of $300K/1000 ton of processing
  7. Sell processed steel with pop marking to other fabricators who provide their steel to be processed through this machine as steel service centres don’t provide this service
  8. This layout is the highest productivity from Daito as the drilling unit can be working at the same time as the bandsaw.
  9. Capacity can be forecasted higher than a traditional inline beamline layout of 1 ton/hour.

Commissioned in 2006

Daito Offset Beamline with Drill & Saw:

  • 22m infeed stockyard that can be made shorter to accommodate your workshop footprint
  • The beamline has 8 lift and carries transfer carts/trolleys for efficient and safe material handling
  • Drilling unit has 3 travelling spindles with independent 500mm x-axis
  • Pop mark layout marking and increase capacity, improve schedules of your fabrication by 30% without relying on skilled boilermakers layout marking add-on-parts to every profile.  Have your 2nd-year apprentices fabricate the same tonnage per day as experienced fitter/boilermakers.
  • A dedicated fitter assembling 50 add-on-parts per shift can save 4 hours per shift when using pop marking instead of traddtional manual layout marking techniques
  • Increase your workshops tonnage without increasing headcount or footprint when using pop marking so your workshop is 30% ahead of your natural competitors.
  • Daito claimed in 2006 the bandsaw supplied was the fastest in the world.
  • The saw moves away and down before every new beam enters the working envelope so the profile does not crash into the bandsaw jaws if the beam is bowed or twisted
  • The bandsaw has a woodpecker cycle that ensures the blade backs away from the middle of the web to improve cutting performance through the stress point in the profile and improve blade life
  • The bandsaw is offset so you can drill and cut at the same time to increase your productivity greater than a traditional bandsaw of 1 ton/hour
  • Lift and carry transfer trolleys from the outfeed of the drill supplying the bandsaw infeed conveyor.
  • Refer to the brochure for details on decommissioning, recommissioning and training.
  • These machines are being decommissioned in December
  • The machines may be sold separately as the drill may be purchased to be installed with an existing coping robot?
  • USM sold the two other machines that were part of this layout were sold within 14 days above the reserve prices required
  • Finance cost once the instant asset writes off has been applied will be a budget of less than $150K/day or 1/2 ton of processing from your local steel service centre.
  • Purchasing a pre-loved machine of this quality for less than 20% of what a new line would cost ensures your workshop will be successful.
  • The same specification from Daito in today’s market is in excess of $1.2 million.

With the Federal Government, budget and stimulus money being injected into the economy the time to invest in this level of performance will be less than 20% of the replacement cost for a new beamline. The 8 lift and carry carts that come with this layout if they were new would cost $25K each.  Therefore the replacement cost for the material handling would be greater than the price of this layout being presented.



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